vendredi 7 décembre 2012

2 SIMPLE TRICKS to draw faster

I know a lot of talented but slow graphic artists. This is absolutely not a problem on private projects, but in a company, and with milestones to reach, you really have to be efficient. This post is about drawing and animating under emergency conditions.

The first thing is having a fast process. I know a lot of graphic artists who draw on paper, then scan, then redraw with illustrator, then animate with Flash or After Effect. Really try to draw directly in Flash using your Wacom, it will be way, way faster. Even better, drawing directly in Flash allows to be assisted with "Paint Inside" mode (fast gestures, but always inside of the shapes) and with "Instances".

With instances, you can work on a part of the character, and make others automatically at the same time. And of course, without import operations, you will not have to reorganize layers later, you draw directly head, arms and legs on separate layers, and bam, ready to be animated. So much time spared! Here is a quick video I made to show the trick to friends. Hopefully it can be useful to old school Illustrator artists having trouble to reach their deadlines!

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