dimanche 25 novembre 2012


For the very first time, I'll handle a conference in English. It will be the 29th at the Game Connection, and of course I'm totally freaking out about it. That said, I wonder if there will be anyone to listen at it... So please tell your friends if you think they can be interested in a HellYeah! post mortem.
The full description of the 50min long conference can be found here, and I'll of course be happy to speak with everyone having questions, even silly ones.

I have absolutely nothing to sell at this event, the HellYeah! promo tour is over now, the goal is to really explain what was good and what was wrong during the production, so others studios or game developers can avoid some classic traps. Let's meet if you want to!

On a side note, this conference thing reminds me of this Tom Vu video, a spiritual guide for everyone of us.

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  1. Pourriez vous m'aidez s'il vous plaît...? J'aimerais créer un personnage, j'ai le dessin en tête, Je pourrais le dessiner mais...Ce dessin, aurais-t-il une utilité si je voulais créer un personnage à la 3ème personne comme dans le jeu Trove ?
    J'attends votre réponse avec impatience !
    Cordialement :