samedi 24 novembre 2012


Magical Drop V is out for a few days now, and some of my friends think I've been in charge of the design. Some of them tell me it's good, some of them want to punch me in the face.
So, I feel like I have to be clear about something. Yes, I worked on the game. No, I had absolutely no creative input on it.

The characters, the backgrounds, the game modes, the engine, even the font, were provided by our client. My work has been mostly on processing the huge characters animations in sprite sheets.
I love the Neogeo era, and I think the Magical Drop gameplay mechanic is a blast, but please don't e-mail me too much about this game. I've not played the final product yet(*), so I don't know if it's good or not, but in both cases I cannot take credit for it.

(*) For now I'm busy preparing my Game Connection conference, (I'm scared!), I will play the game for sure in a few days!

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