mercredi 21 novembre 2012


O.M.G (Our Manic Game / published by Microsoft) has a terrible name, yes.
It runs on Windows Phone, yes. I know what you're thinking right now...BUT the few people who actually bought it 2 years ago seemed quite happy with it. Made by two people (me and Dimitri) on a tight schedule (it was an exclusive launch title for 2010), this infinite manic shooter plays a bit like Titanion from master Kenta Cho: you have to touch the enemies with your finger to make them go red and berserk. Then their shots are multiplied, and so are the points for the crushed enemies. You take risks and (hopefully) you get rewarded.

The gameplay mechanic is very simple, but it was fun to make a small shmup that quickly for a new and mysterious (at that time) hardware.

(click to enlarge)

To speed up the production, I made the musics too. Ingame soundtrack was generic soft techno, but now that I'm hearing it again, I'm a bit shocked by how sad the Title Screen theme is... I remember how obsessed I was with the Konami logo boot sequence in MGS on PSX, maybe this explains a bit.

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