mardi 12 février 2013


The more I use Game Maker Studio, the more I love it.
But there is one very annoying thing to deal with: PARTICLES.
Making your own using drag n' drop is quite limited, and creating it blindly with code takes foreveeeeer.

I'm used to the Arkedo particle editor for years now, and I was missing it so much when making things with GMS. But, this was before... PARTICLE DESIGNER 2.5! (hallelujah.wav)

This tool makes everything so much faster: the settings are super easy to get if you're familiar with some other tools. Set the scale, speed, alpha, blending, and BAM, and then export your graphic effect directly to the clipboard!

That's it. Paste into your GML code, and watch the final result in your game.
Thanks SO MUCH to Alert Games for this tool...Go visit their website!

Note: the tool was designed for Game Maker (not) Studio. Remember to delete the "_0.png" extension in your code, and it will work like a charm.

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