mardi 20 novembre 2012


I'm so thanking Nervous Brickdown for all it has brought to me. For example, this title made my first trip to Japan happen, to look for a publisher for our little "Block Kuzushi" (that's the japanese name for the Breakout genre). I also had the chance to see some Nervous Brickdown cartridges actually imported from Europe and sold in some japanese stores. A huge and joyful mindfuck, to be true.

Then SUCCESS Corporation has been crazy enough to officially publish the game in Japan. This is the commercial they made, featuring crazy Japanese voice, and slight name change. Take a breath, and then read: "SuperLite2500 BRICKDOWN Brokku Kuzushi no Fransu Kakumei ya!"

That's what I call a video game name! Take that, all the F.O.U.R letters racing games!

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