dimanche 3 novembre 2013

Nov 9th on Steam! Now with a weird trailer!

Today I'm glad to show the very first screenshots of a small game we started before the end of Arkedo.

Before, and months after the closure too,  Dimitri (@Mihtree) and I spent some time to get it polished enough to be proud of it, and hopefully find a publisher for the game.
...And it's done! Our friends at Neko Entertainement (they published "Puddle" last year on many platforms) handle it from now on, and will try to push the game on PC, Mac and Linux.

► But speaking of the game, what is it exactly?

Do you remember the very first Mario Bros Arcade game, the one with the "POW" in the middle of the stage? Do you know Super Crate Box and Orcs Must Die? Well, mix some elements from those three titles, and make it something very difficult and fast.

This is what “Poöf” is: hectic AND very strategic at the same time. At first sight, because we wanted it very readable (remember this post?), it could look like a casual iPad game… Trust me, it's SO NOT.

After a quite long HellYeah development, we wanted to make a game only focused on hardcore gameplay, tight controls and choices.

That's how we came out with this cute canine knight, protecting his beloved kitty from waves of sneaky monsters, and using a lot of attack/defense techniques.

Playtesters who try the game at this moment seem very happy with it, and I must admit it's a kind of a relief to see it finished and played for real.

That's exactly why I made this: I won't get money from it, I just felt how it was such a shame to have a game nearly done, and maybe forgotten forever in an old computer with no one actually playing it.
I know how Neko are doing a very good job at their new publishing activities, I can see it with Puddle everywhere and more to come, now I can't wait to see what they can do with our small canine hero!

As soon as they produce videos for it, I will post it here too, and share more details… So, stay tuned! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send it to me on twitter! ( @AurelRegard )


On a side note:

Maybe you wonder why the game is called "Poöf". Well, you can cancel any bonus item of the game, at any moment, and change it for a cute, slowing enemies, golden poo. So, woof, poo... Oh come on, it's super difficult to find a game name, you know that right?  Thanks for reading! :)

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