mardi 7 mai 2013


A quick post here to share some cool things happening now or very soon.

► New game incoming! With a publisher!

After the closure of Arkedo, we (Dimitri and I) spent some time polishing a little game we made in the last months of the studio. Basically, it's a super hardcore version of the very old Mario Bros Arcade, of course with a twist. Now we're quite happy with it. We made some successful playtests, and we even now have a publisher for it!

I made this for the joy of actually seeing the game played (I won't get any money from it). It was quite sad to imagine this title forgotten forever in a secret box or something. I will ask to our publisher if I can share some screenshots, details and artworks here in the following days, so stay tuned! 

► A video challenge to bring people to game making

In the following weeks, I will try to publish a big video tutorial for beginners about making games on your own, from start to finish. The goal is to share some knowledge about various tools, and having fun explaining that to beginners.

Me and a friend (who don't know that much about game development) will try to make a small full game in 1 hour or so, from design to code and music. 

Honestly, I think we'll fail at the one hour only limit, but it will be fun and hopefully interesting anyway... It could be featured by a famous french magazine too, so everyone with good game ideas can learn how to make cool prototypes quickly. 

Note: It will of course be subbed in English! (< any advice on easy editing tools for that? The youtube autosub feature seems to be only available for spoken English)

► Want to meet? Join me at the next Game Apero (by Game In)

I've been invited by the Game In association to join the next Game Apero in Lille (France) on  June 26th. I will talk about some of my small experiences in the game industry. There will be many studios, publishers, and cool people having fun and discuss video game development topics. Let's have a beer together!


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